I have no legal views to share with you this month.  But would like you to know that Judy and I are still doing well.  On Sept. 25, 2013, after 10 days we said Aloha to Maui once again.  We had a great time.  I had to avoid the sun and heat and Judy was limited in how far she could walk so we missed a few things like our sunset walks in the surf but we stayed active and managed 8 scuba dives.

Eric, Judy and Tom on the B & B Scuba boat.  We have been diving with B & B Scuba for 13 years and they were wonderful in accommodating our needs and limits.  Eric is a Dive Master.  Both Judy and I are also Dive Masters and have actually done some dive guiding in these waters.

Above, Judy is playing with a school of Reticulated Butterflyfish.

This Stag Horn coral is home to an Arch Eyed Hawkfish, Yellow Tangs, and Damselfish among others.

A very pretty Orange Spined Surgeonfish.  It is called a surgeonfish because the spine near its tail is blade sharp and is used as a defensive weapon.

A Yellow Margin Eel and some red Soldierfish.


A Spotted Whitemouth Eel

A Spotted Eagle Ray did a fly by.

A pair of Moorish Idols.  They have such pretty faces.

This is an unusual posture for a Sea Turtle.  Just hanging Hawaii loose.

Judy’s shot of Tom taking pictures.


 It was admittedly a lot of effort requiring special preparation for us to dive.  I am a little weaker (maybe because of the sequencing of chemo) and in more pain than in May when we went to Grand Turk.  I am using a special mouthpiece because I can only open my mouth wide enough to insert one finger.  I also have a special low profile feeding tube button that I can cover with a waterproof vacuum bandage to seal the hole in my belly.

  Judy feels low on oxygen probably because her chemo reduces her red blood cells so she used Nitrox on all dives.  The air we breath is 21% Oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% other (mostly argon).  The Nitrox Judy used was enriched to 36% oxygen.  Nitrox requires special training as oxygen can be toxic on deep dives but we stay at 50 feet and above.  The effort was worth it because once we are underwater, I truly feel alive.  We both feel better underwater than on land.  We are weightless and move about slowly studying the animals with little effort.

 The heat is hard on me.  Judy says my thermostat is broken.  We took drives in our air-conditioned car and went to the air-conditioned aquarium one day.

We both feel so very fortunate to have traveled and dived around the world (See my March 2013 entry, “A Rich Life).  I am proud of the above pendant because I designed (or at least had the concept for) this pendant Judy wears more often than not.  The black pearl represents the world and the two dolphins represent Tom and Judy.  Judy is the dolphin in front in white gold and Tom is the dolphin in back in yellow gold.  To me it represents the joy, like two playful dolphins, we have shared scuba diving which has often taken us to exotic places.